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Who We are

- ACT Tech Groups Inc is a holistic information technology services provider based in USA. -

Every time we deliver a service or a finished product, we also deliver quality, excellence, and perfect timing.

We have been upping the IT game since 2011, establishing, managing and maintaining IT infrastructure for startups, small businesses and corporate giants. Whether you’re trying to build a web application or a software for a specific functionality, or looking to build an online identity, our IT team has all the know-how and experience to put it together for you.

What We Do

Our IT and web services are unparalleled in quality and finesse. Joining us from around the world, the IT and management team at ACT bring to the table original thought and a fine palette of soft and hard skills. With developers fine-tuning every stage of the product and a QC check with a hawk’s eye for details, we are as rigorous as it can be with task execution for our clients and users in USA and abroad.

We support you with the apt technology and create an online space for your business. We operate as per your needs, targets, budget, niche, and size to deliver tailor-made solutions.


We believe that online addresses are important. How elegant or shabby websites look to prospective clients is a deciding factor for businesses. We invest heavily in recruiting and retaining the right people who can identify gaps in your website or build a complete business website from scratch. Our goal is to deliver maximum value to every client through our combination of human and technical resources.

- Every great brand is known by a great product. -

Build memorable products with us. Our skilled and experienced developers possess the latest know-how, tools and technology to build evolved products. As such, we enable entrepreneurs and businesses to navigate their digital journey successfully.

- We put a lot of thought into what we build. -

We understand that brands thrive on the right kind of communication. Everything that we build or deliver to our clients are designed to tell a story. We place importance in strategic value generation by merging seamless performance and user experience. Our products and services are part of powerful business strategies and can be integrated with powerful visual design and communication.


Our gamut of web and software solutions cover web development, software development, IT training, IT staffing/placement, and IT managed services. Over the last few years, we have been empowering entrepreneurs, startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, organizations, and businesses in Illinios and international markets to touch down on success.

Web Development

A website is the single most important source of information that any business needs to put out to attract clients. We place double emphasis on your web identity and credibility. Through our web development services comprising high-performing websites, software, and web applications, we ensure that your users’ experience is smooth, seamless, and fast. It’s your website, and you might want it to look and feel a certain way. We promise to listen to all your suggestions and deliver a custom solution that hits your target.

Software Development

From the powerhouse of engineering peeps working within Illinios and remotely, ACT equips businesses with efficient, clean, modular, responsive and well-documented code. We work with clients who need applications across varied stacks, frameworks and platforms, and we do it with ease. Our turn-key software products and development services come with the promise of negligible downtimes and super-easy maintenance. Leveraging our immense technical expertise, our teams build and deliver custom-made software solutions for all industries.

IT Training

We support organizations to effectively use IT tools and technology by offering a range of world-class IT and management training sessions on topics covering programming languages, SQL, Cybersecurity, cloud computing, DevOps, Azure, LINUX and UNIX operating systems, .NET, Visual Studio, Web development, Software Development, Power BI, and more. Our real-world, practical courses are designed to perfect for IT professionals in their daily line of work as well as for managers to capture a better understanding of their projects.

IT Staffing

Our intelligent recruitment services are adept at matching ideal talent profiles to open talent requirements in our clients’ companies. We have the best jobs in the market and the best fit for those roles.

IT Managed Services

Companies need a full-fledged, unified solution for managing IT management services such as networking, cybersecurity, remote work, IT support and others. We offer expert IT services that surpass world-class quality standards. Years of thorough understanding and expertise in IT managed services have positioned us at the top of the industry in customer-centric IT services. Each company’s needs are unique, and with our domain expertise and deep knowledge, we provide you the right services to conduct business profitably and efficiently.

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