It Managed Service

We take care of your entire IT environment, so you can focus on your core operations. We believe that effective management is critical to the success of your IT infrastructure. Choose our managed IT services and stay ahead of the latest technology, business trends, and cybersecurity threats, without breaking the bank.

Giving your employees the freedom to work wherever they like is great. Doing this safely and securely will help your business data survive. Not to worry — we can handle that for you. At ACT, we understand that you need an IT partner who can help run your business operations smoothly without interrupting day-to-day functions. Our flexible managed IT services are designed to improve productivity and efficiency, no matter where your employees work from.

Looking for top-notch IT services to boost your organization's efficiency and profits? Get in touch with the leading managed IT services company in USA.

USA’s Top IT Managed Services Provider

We are a leading national IT services provider, supporting business operations through Networking Services, End User Services, Hybrid IT and Cloud, Security and Analytics, and Voice and Contextual Communications. With our highly responsive service delivery models, businesses of all sizes can count on us to provide enterprise-class capabilities at a cost-effective price. Our telecom expertise lets businesses navigate the ever-growing complexity of technology and telecommunications environments.

We help organizations to plan, build, secure, monitor and manage their entire infrastructure operationally. We offer a wide range of services designed to reduce complexity, risk, and cost while increasing operational flexibility and business agility.

Hybrid IT, Cloud & Infrastructure services offered by ACT

  • End-to-end Managed Hybrid IT services
  • Design, integrate and manage your overall Microsoft Azure cloud management services
  • Control your cost with a Hyperconverged Infrastructure
  • Colocation offers independent servers with the backup of a secure data center
  • Managed Infrastructure Services

Hybrid IT, Cloud & Infrastructure

We are proud to have mastered the art of balancing on-premises and cloud technology. Our Hybrid IT, Cloud, and Infrastructure Management Services combine the power of cloud resources with on-premise infrastructure. We use our extensive experience to quantify your requirements and help you determine the best course for your organization’s specific needs.

ACT offers a wide-range of hybrid IT services that are vital to organizations in their bid to achieve cost savings, flexibility, scalability and rapid deployment. No matter how big or small your IT infrastructure is, we can help you get the most out of it and save you time and money. You can expect the best results from our qualified IT professionals and engineers who are specially trained in hybrid IT services, backup and disaster recovery solutions, private cloud managed services and other services. Let us ease all your worries and lighten your workload by taking care of installation, management and maintenance of your private cloud infrastructure hosted by ACT.

- End - User Services -

Our IT Support and end-user services will help you to improve your organization's performance. We have brilliant engineers and friendly faces in our IT support services who gently maneuver the most complex day-to-day technology needs, management and planning. With an effective range of managed IT end-user services team covering an IT service desk operational round the clock, network operations, cloud operations, and tech support, we are the only technology partner you will ever need. Our helpful and welcoming technicians work on a 24/7 basis handling complex day-to-day IT needs, management, planning, and much more.

You need reliable service that reduces the chance of IT interruption. You want to ensure consistent, high-quality performance across all of your different systems, technologies and platforms. And without having to make continuous investments in infrastructure and resources.

We help you confidently answer the question,

"Are you being friendly to your end-users?"

Our Managed End User Services can help you focus on what really matters - serving your customers and employees. We have the right team to take care of all your IT needs, 24/7. It is time to cut back on your IT burden, trim down costs and put on a happy face to boost your customer and employee retention.

- Remote Works Support -

We know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by the many security concerns that arise from massive remote workforces. That’s why we are always looking for new ways to increase enterprise efficiency and uphold data integrity and security standards.

Most employees and workers working remotely find themselves taking up a desk in the kitchen, or at the dining table. As you make a transition to working from home, it’s critical that you have the necessary technology and support on your side, in order to ensure seamless business continuity and boost productivity. Ensure that your workforce can connect to office resources from any secure location. We can help you identify and deploy the right remote support tools as well as manage backups and security of your company’s data.

We know the challenges that your teams face when you have to go remote. Our tools help you work out of the office and feel like a team in your own office. Your development teams can discuss, resolve and log tickets from any device. You will also have conferencing facilities for weekly meetings or hand offs.