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ACT is an USA-based custom software development company that delivers top-notch full-cycle software development services to small, mid-sized and large enterprises reliably. Our developers build scalable software products that go on to generate leads or increase conversion rates or accelerate growth and basically help companies meet their goals. You might want a partner you can trust when faced with a technical problem. However, most companies need a full-time software partner to rely on to develop custom solutions for growth and time-critical projects.

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Why do businesses opt for custom software solutions from ACT?

  1. As opposed to a cookie-cutter solution, they are tailor-made for your business and is the exact and perfect answer to your problem
  2. You can use it with a more prominent level of autonomy and flexibility and modify it in future if required.

ACT excels in designing, building, integrating, scaling, and upgrading custom software for businesses, enterprises or other organizations across a range of industry verticals. ACT's result-driven software development team has been consistently delivering impactful digital transformation.

Benefits of Custom Software Solutions

- Flexibility -

The customer enjoys full ownership of the software upon completion of development. Hence, the terms of its use and management are highly flexible. If the client wants a new feature added or removed, they can do so with little to no time lost in turnarounds.

- Scalability -

For a customer software product, we do not charge additional fees such as royalty or subscription charges. Since the client owns the software, they may scale, integrate or personalize it as per the business needs. Not only does this improve cost-effectiveness, but also allows the client to choose growth opportunities without worrying about software scalability.

- Productivity -

Custom software is a smart long term investment. It improves efficiency in performance and productivity at all stages of the product.

- Maintenance -

Being a custom software development company in Illinios with clients all over the globe, we understand the importance of maintenance and support for the products we deliver. We offer maintenance and support for our products only for as long as you need.

Custom Software Development Services for Businesses

At a go, our custom software solutions cover big data solutions, digital transformation, cloud-based app development, web and mobile development, enterprise applications, SaaS applications, and more. We fine-tune your business' processes by leveraging the power of data, cloud and digital transformation. Our digital transformation services enhance your existing workflows and products to stay relevant in the global market.

Our cloud-based app development achieves higher speed, greater quality and better value through cloud-based development.

- Web and Mobile Development -

We create breathtaking user experiences with uncompromising functionality. Whether you need to solve everyday challenges or unwavering process-related drawbacks, we can help. Having spent years assisting businesses achieve their goals by building foundational mobile and web applications. Based on a thorough evaluation of each business' needs, processes and challenges, our experts also offer support in custom software solutions.

- Enterprise Applications -

Planning, building and implementing innovative ERP applications is something our software engineers have achieved unparalleled results in. Enterprise applications that customers often need include project management tools, marketing automation, payrolls, HR, employee logs and more. Our key projects cover optimization of workflows, management of critical business processes and automation and integration of technology apps in various fields.

- SaaS Applications -

Commercial SaaS-based applications that we build for our clients are time-bound and budget-friendly. Our customers can use their SaaS applications online, without having to go through any installation or maintenance issues. Our solutions promise three aspects: quality, robustness of code, and an optimized UI/UX design. ACT is a renowned SaaS development agency in USA, thanks to our fully equipped team of senior developers, business analysts, Quality Assurance professionals and UI/UX designers in Illinios.

- Ecommerce Applications -

Our ecommerce applications help companies penetrate new markets and tap into their full growth potential. We understand that they have complex engineering needs, and form the backbone of any ecommerce business. One of the best e-commerce development agencies in USA, ACT creates custom e-Commerce solutions for retail and wholesale companies. Each is accompanied by corresponding mobile development for an optimal shopping experience. With our applications, your e-Commerce business can deliver on its promise. Our development team has streamlined the inline product catalog surfing experience to perfection. A seamless integration of payment, inventory management, and security features, that the app works like a charm anywhere in the world.

- iOs, Android Mobile Applications -

Smartphones have dominated personal computing and mobile computing, and they're not showing any signs of slowing down. Even if you already have a mobile website, you need to develop mobile apps that are built for the unique experiences of smartphones and tablets - things like multi-touch interactions and location services. We are experts in developing custom-made mobile apps for iOS and Android, from startup companies to Fortune 500 companies. Our Mobile app development services team comprises experienced mobile project managers, UX/UI designers and mobile developers who ensure the finest quality for your mobile application. We can help you build your mobile app from scratch or expand an existing app to include new features and functionalities.

- Legacy Systems -

While businesses grow and change, the existing, traditional systems that powered their success often stay behind. Legacy systems can hinder a company’s overall productivity and limit their ability to innovate. This can result in hindrance to end-to-end value delivery. But we understand that not all businesses have the budget to perform a complete system overhaul. Which is why we offer our revolutionary service where you can update your software system and architecture without breaking the bank. We have a deep knowledge of how to help you transition your systems to modern ones. Let’s build a bridge from the past technology your company used by enhancing the overall architecture for efficiency, user-friendliness, and scalability.

- Third-Party Applications -

We can help you incorporate best third-party applications into the existing software to streamline your business processes. We already have a proven track record in putting together software solutions from scratch, and we can also contribute our support and offer top-of-the-line services in integrating third-party applications into your software systems.

- Product Development -

Do you need new, high-functioning products for your business? We can help. Our product development services create functional applications and platforms that are customized to your individual needs. Regardless of the stage of your product, we help innovators from idea through launch, and can even be there for you during the lifecycle of your product until retirement for added support.

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